The Go With The Pro Awareness Days Calendar

Back by popular demand!

The most comprehensive & UK-centric Social Media Awareness Days Calendar it’s humanly possible to create.

Brought to Small Business Owners, Digital Marketers and Social Media Managers around the country (if not the world!) because we understand your pain. Seriously, you have to think of ANOTHER social media post to write?! Well we’ve got your back Sister (or Brother). There’s over 1000 possible social media post ideas here and some of them are bound to be suitable for you. Even Axe Throwing Day works for someone out there.

And it’s FREE! We’ve got your back. It’s Social Media Manager Assistance Day every day around here. (It’s not. We just made that one up.)  Don’t forget to join our Facebook Group so you don’t miss any of our other amazing resources.  To find out more about GoWithThePro membership please check out our home page or email us here

You can even download it to your online calendar and it will update whenever we make a change (because you honestly would not believe how often these days change!).

Spread the word my friend. Go forth and share this calendar with your business buddies. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving.  You can use the sharing buttons to the left to make things even easier!

CIRCLE KEY – Week / Month long events are purple, non-awareness days / sporting events are blue, awareness days are orange and health-related days are grey.

Download directly into your chosen calendar and receive automatic updates

We know better than most just how often awareness days change which is why we’ve chosen the CalendarX system to offer the best awareness days calendar available.  Once you have downloaded the calendar you will automatically receive any changes we make without having to lift a finger.  New months will be populated as they are released so sit back and let us do the hard work!

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Clare, Nicole, Gemma & Cathy, The Go With The Pro Team

If you think this is good you should see our Social Media Content Planner 2020!

365 days of Social Goodness brought to Small Business Owners, Digital Marketers and Social Media Managers around the world because we understand your pain. Seriously, you have to think of ANOTHER social media post to write?! 

And what is the most time-consuming aspect of running your social media channels? Finding content.

Thinking of content.

Then thinking of MORE content.

And the next day…you guessed it…MORE!

It never ends!

Unless you download the Go With The Pro Social Media Content Planner 2020. That will make the pain end.

Not only is there a post idea for every single day of the year which can be personalised for any industry or client, we’re also going to load you up with lots of other goodies too. Read on to find out more but first here are some words from current users.

Wow! This is a must for anyone who works on social media, either for clients or their own business. I was blown away with the level of detail in this content planner. Not only does it flag up every awareness day, there are additional content ideas for every single day of the year, and you can download it to your own personal calendar. It has already saved me hours in my working week. If you were to invest in only one thing for your business, make it the GWTP Content Planner.


Nicole Andrew Social

Omg, they’ve done it again.. 😁👏  The legendary Go With The Pro ladies have helped my business yet again, even though I didn’t realise how much I needed it. The new content calendar is amazing.. So simple to download and gives you key dates & topics, every day, to help your posting schedules. Gone is the stress of scrambling across all the various platforms, trying to find a lead in for a promotion. Now I can even plan for weeks ahead with more focus. Thanks again #GWTP.. Not sure what I’d do without you and cannot wait for the 2020 calendar.. 👍🙌😁


Buzzcut Digital