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Building a successful business just got so much easier! Learn how to navigate the testing early years of running your business and create a profitable business you love.

Welcome to Go With The Pro, the single source for that much needed support, where you will get all the learning resources and advice you need to plan, build and grow a successful business. Turn your ideas into actionable plans and dispense with jargon and waffle-heavy marketing.

We’ve battled through start-up struggles – now you don’t have to

We’re four successful business women and know how much blood, sweat and tears it takes to make it through the first few years of setting up on your own. All of us love to bring out the best in people. Now we are creating the kind of membership group we wish we could have joined when we first started our businesses. What do we bring?


  • Together, we have over 80 years’ experience.
  • There isn’t a sector we haven’t covered.
  • We built our own successful businesses.
  • We have an extensive network across multiple industries and access to a huge range of expertise.
  • Nicole is a Chartered Marketer known for her German Mrs Motivator skills.  
  • Clare has built dozens of websites and knows how to make people’s businesses look great online.
  • Cathy is a mentor for the Mayor of London’s Business Growth Programme and a Facebook ad specialist with over 20 years’ marketing experience.
  • Gemma is a Social Media Manager and Facebook ad strategist with a wealth of sales management experience.
  • We give you the skills and confidence to DIY until you are in a position to outsource to professionals, for a very manageable monthly fee.

Every #smallbizhero needs a cape!

You have launched as a new business or freelancer and everything is exciting and new but you’re not flying yet. Then the penny drops.  Not only do you have to be the expert in your chosen field but also accounts, marketing, business growth and legal to name a few. 

Managing your time is the first problem.

Where should I focus? How long do I give it? What am I missing? What have I forgotten now? Where is my cape?

Learning new things is exciting but also very daunting.

Yes the internet is a great resource, but after you have looked at 15 different opinions on how to approach something, it is 2am and the ground is still firmly beneath your feet.

You are frozen by overwhelming jobs

The magnitude of the task you have undertaken starts to sink in and you begin to feel more like a #smallbizsidekick.

Get off the ground with #GoWithThePro.

Go With The Pro has built a supportive community of like-minded people who are working hard to launch and grow their businesses and are here to help you do the same. You can be each other’s accountability partners and help each other succeed, with regular expert input and exceptional resources to help your business thrive.

Forget all those lonely and wasted hours of confusing internet research and go to a single source that boils it all down into easy to understand and easy to consume advice and content. Everything you need is on tap in the Go With The Pro membership and experts, who have been where you are now, are on hand to motivate and guide you, without boring you to death with jargon and waffle!

Help your business fly #likeapro and give yourself more time and freedom to get on with the rest of life.

You can find us in

What’s inside your Go With The Pro membership?

  1. A personal welcome call – 15 minutes consultation to define your challenges.
  2. Vital resources within the membership to help you run your business, from workshops, to how to videos and case studies to show you how to action the learning for your business
  3. Friendly community of like-minded entrepreneurs and freelancers on Facebook
  4. Kickass online courses to support you with all key aspects of launching and promoting your business:
      • How to set your pricing strategy
      • How to plan and deliver training sessions
      • How to create an authentic personal brand
      • How to plan your first website, from nailing your content to presentation
      • How to get started with Facebook Ads
  5. Group challenges to help you learn new skills and keep you accountable:
      • Grow in video confidence
      • Write a sales page for your business blog to sell
      • Network for success
      • Nailing your elevator pitch
      • How to influence the influencers
      • How to blog for business growth
  6. Facebook Live Q&A – ask us anything once a week
  7. Video interviews with guest experts to boost your skills and understanding
  8. A refreshingly down to earth attitude to running a business


We’re passionate about helping you become a #SmallBizHero. We understand how overwhelmed you may be feeling, or that some days you just want to throw it all in. We’ve felt that way too (multiple times). And now we’re out the other side, and have the empathy and experience in all the areas you need to help you grow your business.

We love sharing our expertise and experience in a way that is easily accessible and drives small business owners and freelancers to take action. Over the last year, we helped entrepreneurs like you to:

  • Plan and manage their social media
  • Plan their marketing drive to achieve business growth
  • Create their personal brand to drive sales
  • Grow in confidence to kick-start their video marketing
  • Nail their SEO
  • Build a top-notch website on a budget
  • Build their email list and community of fans
  • Deliver consistent content marketing as time-short entrepreneurs
  • Create a marketing strategy that delivers results
  • Share their message with the people that matter through influencer strategy

What do people say about us?

The Go With The Pro membership is the most supportive, encouraging group full of all the latest knowledge on building and marketing your business in the most time efficient way. The individual support from each of the 4 founders surpasses anything I’ve seen in membership groups or any groups online for that matter. Their #GoWithThePro tweetchats are jam-packed full of the most amazing knowledge to skyrocket your business with some inspiring guests. Now they’ve asked me to be a guest with their amazing support. It’s massively boosted my confidence and my marketing knowledge.

Faye Morgan

Facebook & Instagram Ads Strategist

I have been a member of Go With The Pro for the last seven months and the support and advice I have received have really helped me to gain confidence with starting my own business and securing new clients. I don’t have a marketing background, so the bank of lessons and quick wins available to members provide such a useful go-to resource. What’s more, the team are available to give explanations and answer queries and their friendly, approachable manner means that you can ask them anything without fear of feeling a fool – they’ll share in your wins, your anxieties and your tears which as a new business owner is just what’s needed. GWTP certainly helps me feel I am on the right track with where I want to be in building my business.

Ella Orr

Freelance Social Media Manager, Much More Social

“We’ve loved seeing Nicole and Cathy’s businesses grow. In a super short space of time, they’ve built their brand awareness in the marketplace and together with the other GWTP founders have a lot to offer to others who want to do the same.”

Andrew and Pete

Speakers, authors and content marketing experts

The team behind the Go With The Pro membership are amazing. Always on hand to answer queries no matter how big or small, always supportive and top notch business advice on running your own social media business / being a freelancer. Their support has been a lifesaver on many occasions in my first year establishing my freelancer services. Thanks ladies!

Beth Kirk

Social Media Strategist, Socially Oxford

Choose your Go With The Pro subscription

Want to know more?

How much does Go With The Pro membership cost?

The monthly fee for membership is £37 plus VAT or for a significant saving the annual fee is £370 plus VAT. Annual members effectively receive 2 months FREE membership.

Is Go With the Pro Membership right for me?

Go With The Pro membership is right for you if:



  •  You are willing to put in the time to put our advice in action
  • You would like to learn more about other aspects of running your business, even if you plan to outsource some areas when you can
  • You would like to increase the visibility of your business to drive sales
  • You would like to turn your ideas into actionable plans
  • You would like to build a list of interested followers even if you don’t have one at the moment
  • You want to take action rather than procrastinate
  • You like practical, waffle-free advice and resources
Is Go With The Pro wrong for me?
Go With The Pro membership is wrong for you if


  • You have no time to spend implementing any of our action plans
  • You don’t want to follow through on your great ideas
  • You want to get rich quick – a new business needs time and commitment
  • You expect results guaranteed – we know what we are teaching works, but we cannot guarantee the results you will get. It depends on too many factors outside our control, and nobody can realistically promise that – see waffle free

We’re being completely transparent here – which benefits us and you. We want the money you spend on Go With The Pro membership to be a good investment for your business.

What if I haven’t yet launched my business or freelance career?
That’s OK, we cater for every stage within the first 3 years of business and can help you both launch and grow. Even when you have already launched, we find that 1 – 2 years into the business there is a lot that business owners want to change but don’t know how or cannot contemplate how to go about it. Often building a new website or completely rebranding, so there will be plenty to keep everyone busy.
I already have a profitable business, what can Go With The Pro do for me?
We presume you’d like to keep on growing your business, and Go With The Pro can help you do that, with up to the minute advice and resources on all aspects of marketing, social advertising, lead generation and list building.
Is the content in the membership available straight away?

Go With The Pro membership has a substantial core of resources in the membership portal. More content is added or updated monthly so that there are always new resources for you. 

Do I still have access to the resources within the membership if I am no longer a member?
No, once you leave the membership your access to the membership is revoked and you will no longer have access to those resources.
Can I get 1 on 1 help in the membership?
We have weekly Facebook Lives where you will be able to ask any questions (recorded so that you can always submit a question and watch the replay even if you are unable to join in live). You can also ask questions in the private Facebook group and we’ll be happy to answer.
Why should I join today?

Joining today means that you are taking action. Taking action and being accountable is going to be a big part of your journey in Go With The Pro.

What happens if I want to cancel my membership?
We offer a 30 day money back guarantee with full refund if you are not happy in the membership. If you have already taken your 1-2-1 coaching call before cancelling, you will be refunded the full amount less £100 to take into account preparation and coaching.
How much time do I need to dedicate to this membership?
We understand life as a solopreneur is busy. So all resources are designed with the time-short person in mind. We do recommend you dedicate a minimum 5 hours a month to go through the resources and participate on the membership forum.

If you have any further questions or would like to talk about joining the membership before committing, please drop us a line at info@gowiththepro.uk and we will do our best to help you out.

As a member of Go With The Pro you get:

  • Access to our complete training archive, which will grow every month
  • Access to our private Facebook group to talk to us and like-minded peers
  • A wide variety of checklists, cheatsheets and workbooks, with more being added all the time
  • Weekly Facebook Live Q & A sessions
  • An almighty confidence boost and a kick up the backside for imposter syndrome.

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