12 Month Social Media Content Planner


Save hours of planning with the Go With The Pro 12 Month Social Media Content Planner.

365 days of posts ready for you to personalise

We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to!

Wow! This is a must for anyone who works on social media, either for clients or their own business. I was blown away with the level of detail.


Nicole Andrew Social

Omg, they’ve done it again.. 😁👏  The legendary Go With The Pro ladies have helped my business yet again, even though I didn’t realise how much I needed it. The new content calendar is amazing.. So simple to download and gives you key dates & topics, every day, to help your posting schedules. 


Buzzcut Digital

What do you get for your money?


12 full months or 365 days of inspiration brought to Small Business Owners, Bloggers, Digital Marketers and Social Media Managers around the world because we understand your pain. Seriously, you have to think of ANOTHER social media post to write?!

As four entrepreneurs immersed in the marketing world, we are very aware of how important a good social media output is for your business. But we’re also aware that it’s a real drain on your precious time.

And what is the most time-consuming aspect of running your social media channels? Finding content.

Thinking of content.

Then thinking of MORE content.

And the next day…you guessed it…MORE!

It never ends!

Unless you download the Go With The Pro 12 Month Social Media Content Planner.  That will make the pain end.

Not only is there a post idea for every single day of the year which can be personalised for any industry or client, we’re also going to load you up with lots of other goodies too. Such as? Here you go:

Hate making graphics for social media? Well, we’ve got your back Sister (or Brother). We’re throwing in a whole smorgasbord of templates you can easily and quickly adapt for your own branding for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest! 

A looong bank of inspirational quotes you can choose from and copy and paste into your branded template. No more searching – super quick and easy!

A bank of additional posts for days where you want to post more than once or are posting for multiple clients

Different formats such as spreadsheet and printable PDF to cater to your preferred way of working.

This planner;

Works in conjunction with our Go With The Pro Awareness Days Calendar so that you can swap out days that are important to your or your client’s industry.

This can be used for your own business or for any number of clients if you are a Social Media Manager. Simply personalise to your own industry and add in time-sensitive content and news where appropriate.

Buy the 12 Month Social Media Content Planner now and we guarantee a whole year of juicy social goodness for the price of one decent takeaway coffee a month!

What are people saying?

I really really like this! Easy to download into your own calendar but also available in a PDF if you are the kind of person who likes planning in big old diaries! It takes the hard work out of thinking ‘I have to plan for the month’.


Lewisham Lowdown

This is amazing! I cannot tell you how much time this saves me. Absolute game changer!


Daniel Hills Photography

The post suggestions are all crafted to really push engagement – which as we all know is gold these days!


Helen Martin Social Media

Need more?

If 365 content ideas isn’t enough how about the bank of extra ideas we include for those days when you want something a bit different?  Mix and match content easily using the notes template to truly personalise your planner.  Content is updated every month so no month is ever the same no matter when you buy the planner.

Who is behind the planner?

We are Cathy, Clare, Gemma and Nicole,  4 successful digital marketers who understand exactly how much work is involved in running your social media platforms and creating a social media strategy which drives engagement and grows your audience.

What's included in the planner?

You will receive a downloadble zip file containing:

  • Content Planner (PDF)
  • Content Planner (Excel)
  • Content Planner Bank of Additional Ideas (Word)
  • Content Planner Bank of Additional Ideas (PDF)
  • Monthly notes (PDF)
  • Monthly notes (Excel)
  • Motivational Quotes (Word)
  • Motivational Quotes (PDF)
  • Awareness Days 2020 (PDF)
  • Social Media Template links (Word)
  • Social Media Template links (PDF)

And a link to the live calendar to download into your online calendar.

Is the planner right for my industry?

The planner is packed full of ideas suitable for a wide range of industries and clients. If you think a particular post is not relevant you can exchange it for one in the bank of additional ideas which is included in the package or choose a suitable Awareness Day.

Which templates are included?

We include 25 templates each for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.  These are Canva files you can adapt to your branding or colours of your choice.

Who should I contact with any issues?

If you have any technical problems with your purchase please contact gwtp@gowiththepro.uk.

For general questions about the planner please feel free to post in our Facebook Group.

What happens if I purchase the planner and decide it's not for me?

We’re confident you will find the planner a helpful resource but if it wasn’t what you were expecting or not for you we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Please contact gwtp@gowiththepro.uk with any questions.

Where can I go with any questions or Social Media support?

Our Facebook group is the perfect place to ask for Social Media support of any kind and we look forward to seeing you there!

We welcome questions about the planner there too or you can email: gwtp@gowiththepro.uk.

Just think what you could do with all the time you’ll save!